Munirah Alyamani, Pastry Chef and 350 Fahrenheit Bakery Founder

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A new, bold move.

We all know how important safe food is, and how we should always investigate and make sure what we feed our family and loved ones is clean and made of ingredients that are sworn by. 

In this day and age, everyone is racing to the top, and almost everyone caters to our different wants and needs. Somehow, amongst the ever-changing standards and quality levels, our guest today has managed to stand out and deliver baked goods that make the heart smile. 

We are honored by the presence of 350 Fahrenheit Bakery mastermind Munirah. 

First thing’s first, how did you hatch the idea?

I once heard a Chinese Billionaire say: “In your thirties, follow your passion and work for yourself. Start your own business.” and since I have this passion for cooking in general and baking in specific, and at the same time wanted to put my major to good use, I got the idea to start a home-based bakery. 

How was your start?

I had conducted a lot of experiments in my kitchen, where I put ingredients together and watched magic happen until I found my goal.

What was the reaction of those around you?

I had conducted a lot of experiments in my kitchen, where I put ingredients together and watched magic happen until I found my goal.I thank God for finding support whichever way I turned. My friend and family have proven to be my #1 fans, and even the criticism I received was constructive. 

What were the biggest setbacks you have come through, and how did you do it?

The biggest struggle I faced was the cost of branded packaging. It was so high in relation to my budget, and I wanted to put my name on my products. So, I decided to go simple, yet elegant and in accordance to my bakery’s identity.  

One more struggle I’ve dealt with was managing my finances, but then I knew about teem and they have done an amazing job in taking the weight off my shoulders.

Do you employ trustworthy people to take over?

I currently have an assistant who helps me in the set up and ingredients. I am gradually training her until I make sure she provides results that mimic mine and are on the same level. I also have my husband helping me. 

What is your bestselling product?

First place goes to my classic scones. Homemade jam comes second. 

What are you so proud of in your business (the unique something)?

I use high quality ingredients, and do not accept any cheaper substitute. I also am proud of the fact that I have used my degree in measuring ingredients and assessing the results of various combinations. This highlights the summit of mixing pleasure with expertise.

Do you cater events?

Currently, I accept orders for family occasions and small events. 

So, what’s next?

I’m currently working on new baked goods that are unique and one of kind. It takes time to provide something with the same quality observed by my clients, but I am up to it. I am also trying to get new kitchen equipment to help produce more quantity. 

Please give Munirah a go, and tell us what you liked best!

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