Our Story

Our Mission

It is in everything that we do, that we as Teem, believe in empowering the small-business community, and helping to revitalize their work to a professional level.

Our Story

Our story began with our two founding sisters, Malak and Bayan Fakeih. Malak was in college in 2013, working as a freelance illustrator when Bayan, took notice that although Malak was a talented artist, she didn’t necessarily have the acumen for the business side of things. Bayan, being the business savvy woman that she was (and still is) decided to help her out.

While also working for their mother at her company, the sisters dealt with many freelancers in the country that lacked professionalism. Though they each possessed a talent for what they were offering at the time, they, like Malak before, didn’t understand the business side of things, including managing their finances.

And so the idea for Teem was born. To pave the way for faster and easier means of managing one’s own business through automated templates, targeted towards small business owners as well as home-made businesses.

Today, both sisters hold the titles of co-founders of Teem, Malak being the general manager and Bayan the invaluable consultant.

Our Team

We are a hub of interdisciplinary talent, working together to steer our vision of making you the best business owner possible, a reality.  We’re currently working from our home offices, but don’t let that fool you. Sure, we answer emails in our sweats, but we’re just as committed and just as passionate about being there for our clients!

Malak Fakieh

Co-founder & General Manager

Khadija Nahfawi

Customer Success

Waad AlMatrafi

Communications Specialist

Reem AlOmari

Content Creator

Umeedullah Emad

Frontend Developer

Ahmadullah Emad

UI/UX Designer


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