Atif Hawsawi, Event and Sports Photographer

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A new, bold move.

Happy occasions always have a way to put a smile on our faces whenever we remember them. And what better way to remember them than with pictures?  

We are honored today to interview the passionate photographer Atif Hawsawi. 

How did you come up with the idea?

I actually started by writing. I wanted to write down everything I saw, and then it evolved into snapping pictures as it is more convenient. 

How was your start?

I started in around middle school, when we would have different activities and I would snap pictures of them even if I wasn’t asked to. 

How did those around you react to you growing in that field?

At first, I received many raised brows for pursuing my dreams and having the hunger to places with it. I kept hearing lots of setbacks like (You have nothing else to do) and (Professional photographer wannabe) 

What were the biggest disappointments you faced, and how did you overcome them?

Remember those who bullied me in the previous answer? I ignored them. 

Then came the situations where I wasn’t allowed to enter activities and occasions to photograph the goings-on, and I overcame that with getting the right permits. 

Lastly, I had trouble entering public and private sectors to visually document events, but thankfully I was able to join publicist who would provide me with the necessary documents. 

What’s the aspect loved most about you pictures by your clients?

That they show happy facial expressions, and that they are taken off guard where happiness cannot be faked or monitored. 

What are your favorite photography sessions?

People, events, cars, and children. 

So, what’s next?

I want to of course evolve and develop, and I want to satisfy my clients, and hopefully I’m on the right track. 


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