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“The thing I love about Teem is that I can see my clients’ payments wherever I am.”

– Khadija

Start invoicing in minutes

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Take your invoicing to the next level! Send branded invoices via WhatsApp, email and web links to make it easy for your customers to pay quickly

Our online invoicing tool allows you to:

Create invoices of your brand.

Share invoices via WhatsApp.

Submit service requests seamlessly.

Different payment options.

Online payments

Enable clients to pay you online. Teem helps you to painlessly integrate with leading payment gateways to securely collect payments and easily transfer them to your bank account.

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Teem App Ordering
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We’re cooking up a new feature that catalogues your products and/or services, where clients can easily send you order and service requests

Our partners

At Teem, we believe in working with like-minded organizations that strive to empower micro and small-sized businesses.


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Simplifying business logistics and payment solutions

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Our secure payment options are guaranteed through partnerships with Paylink, PayPal, and Stripe.

We understand the challenges entrepreneurs and small businesses face, and our online app for invoicing is designed to simplify your operations and enhance your professional image.

Why Teem?

Branded Invoicing and Quotations

Teem is best in class mobile payment app for small businesses that help to create branded templated invoices and quotations that reflect your business’s unique identity. These professional invoices can be easily shared with your clients via WhatsApp, email, or shareable URL links, ensuring a seamless and efficient communication process.

Secure and Hassle-Free Online Payments:

Our online invoicing systems allows you to receive credit card payments securely. Your customers can pay you using Mada, Apple Pay, Mastercard, and Visa, and all received payments will be automatically transferred to your bank account, ensuring a hassle-free transaction process.

No Hidden Costs:

We at Teem believe in supporting your business growth without hidden costs. Our E-invoicing software does not take any commission from your sales, ensuring that you receive the full amount for your products or services.

Flexible Payment Options

Our e-invoicing system offers a range of payment options for your clients, including Cash on Delivery, Bank Transfer, Mada, Visa, Mastercard, Apple Pay, STC Pay, Stripe, and PayPal, ensuring a seamless and convenient payment experience for everyone.

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Take charge of your business
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Easy Invoicing for small businesses and freelancers

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Frequently asked questions

Teem is a Saudi company founded in 2019. We believe in empowering and helping you, a freelancer or a small or medium business owner, bring your administrative operations to a professional level in minutes. Generate branded, templed-based invoices to share with your clients via WhatsApp, email, and web links. Our new ordering feature makes it easy for your clients to send you order and service requests by sharing a link of all your products/services on your social media accounts.

You can share a link to all your products and services in your social media accounts to start receiving orders.

Teem offers several services:

Sending branded Invoices

Sending branded Quotations

Sharing a link with all your products/services with your clients to receive their orders easily

Online payments act like an in-store credit card terminal, making it easy for customers to pay you using Mada, Apple Pay, Mastercard and Visa. Teem’s payment partners will enable you to receive and automatically transfer money into your business bank account.

To activate online payments, go to your dashboard and click Account settings, followed by Payment options. Click on Activate online payments, where you can choose a suitable payment gateway learn more.

The invoice is not subject to modification after sending it, but the quotation is subject to modification and you can convert it to an invoice after agreeing on the details of the offer with your client

A CR is not required for registration. However, a CR number or a freelance registration ID is needed for activating online payments.

We don’t take any commissions. Our revenue comes from happy customers paying for subscriptions that simplify their business operations. See Pricing for more information.

You only need an email address and a mobile number to speed up your business growth.

Teem’s mission is to make it affordable for all businesses to set up a professional finance operation. See Pricing to learn about our flexible plans.

All we need is your freelance ID, the commercial registration number, and your bank information to learn more.

Yes, online payment is available to learn more.

You can record payments from the Record Payment button in the invoices page

Yes, you can upload your external clients list to the clients page in Team

Yes, all local bank account holders can use online payment service

The receiving payment period varies from one payment gateway to another. You can view the details of the payment gateways click here.

The maximum number of transactions per day varies from one payment gateway to another. For more details, click here

You can contact the online payment gateway directly through the customer service number or email shown on the account settings page. click here.

You can cancel at any time by accessing your account settings in Teem.

Cash on Delivery, Bank transfer, Mada, Visa Master Card, Apple Pay , STC pay , Stripe , PayPal

You can send the invoice via WhatsApp, email or as a link

If your client chose bank transfer as a payment method, they can attach the transfer receipt, and you can view the transaction status, confirm the process, and accept the transfer.

There are no fees to activate the online payment service learn more.

Activation period depends on the payment gateway policy, you can view the details of all payment gateway click here.

All payment gateways we cooperate with are reliable and transferring the payments is done through them only, and we do not have the authority at any time to access any of your personal information.

Yes, Teem invoices comply with the requirements of the Zakat, Tax and customs Authority.

If you are not eligible to obtain a tax number, you are not required to have a tax number to issue invoices.

A feature that gives you the opportunity to share a link to display your services or products that your customer can choose from with absolute clarity and ease , learn more.

Subscription cancelation is not available, but you can turn off auto renewal from the billing and subscriptions page

You can view the privacy policy and its details here

You can view the terms of use here

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