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Interview with Shahad Bamashmous (Freelance Creative Designer)

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Hi there strangers, I want to share something with you and I hope that it will help push you forward because you all got what it takes! 

My name is Shahad Bamashmous, I’m 21 years old, and I’m studying advertising, double-majoring in creative design and communication. I’m also a freelance graphic designer. My dream was to be a TV presenter, but my freshman grades at KAU didn’t help me qualify. So I went with plan B; advertising, and that’s where I found myself. I learned how to deal with clients and how to turn talent into the business, and so I decided to become a freelance graphic designer. 

I hope that you all find your passion, stick to it, and never give up. Opportunities will come when it’s your time, so be patient.

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