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Interview with: Khalda Alsulaiman (Pastry Chef and Co-Founder of Fatafeet Bakehouse)

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My culinary journey began in 2010 when I started my program at Le Cordon Bleu and got my first job in the industry working at The Four Seasons. I worked from 7 to 2 , then attended classes from 3-7. I felt happy, curious, and fulfilled. In the following 6 years, I had the opportunity to work in amazing places in Boston, Jeddah, and California.  

In late February 2016, I was enjoying my last days working in California and to my luck, I had already been offered positions to work at Coya and La Petite Maison in Dubai. When I got there, I was super anxious, and I didn’t feel comfortable, so I decided to go back to Jeddah. My husband Abdulrazzak, who’s a software developer, was actually the one to steer me to open my own business. We combined our creative knowledge and that’s how Fatafeet Bakehouse was born! Fatafeet is the first fully functional online bakery in the kingdom. It started with our Heavenly Chocolate Cake, and now our focus is to serve creative desserts and baked goods to commemorate and celebrate people’s special moments. It feels amazing watching our city and our country thrive with passionate entrepreneurs, and I hope Abdulrazzak and I will inspire and give back through our work and efforts.

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