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Interview with Basmah Sunbol (Branding Consultant)

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I met a lot of people who felt lost, like they didn’t belong, and who sought out a bigger purpose. I was one of them. I struggled, always needing to feel challenged, because I felt that I was destined for something bigger, and to me, it’s all about that bigger purpose. After a few years, I realized that I had the capabilities to pursue whatever I desire, and all I needed was to believe in myself. That’s when I started my Nymbl Branding Agency.

I’m harsh on myself when it comes to success and achievements. I’m impatient sometimes, and not easily satisfied. Nymbl was born to target people who feel that way, the ones who struggle in the corporate world and can’t find the right career. I want to help them start their journey and find their purpose. I want to be a hub to help Saudi SMEs to get out of their comfort zones, follow their aspirations, and build their dreams. I want people to have stronger stories, stronger identities, and meaningful careers. When Nymbl started, I knew this is going to help and support people. It gave me the boost and purpose I was looking for. Make sure your challenge is worth it!

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